Looking for an Effective Way to Rebrand Your Business?

Looking for an Effective Way to Rebrand Your Business?

Order new company apparel from B & B Silkscreen

Sporting apparel with your logo on it is a great way to showcase your brand. B & B Silkscreen offers business screen printing and embroidery services. We source our apparel from Alphabroder and Staton Corporate and Casual.

When you visit our shop, we’ll go through our product selection with you to help you find apparel that fits with your budget. If you need help creating a logo, we can design one for you.

Call 205-339-7361 now to find out which apparel option would be best for your company.

Order any type of shirt you want

B & B Silkscreen takes pride in helping business owners promote themselves with top-notch apparel. We can print any type of shirt, including button-downs, pullovers and T-shirts. We also design hats. No matter what type of apparel you want, you can trust us to print a clean, colorful design for you.

Contact us today to order your new apparel.